Technology Transfer Services

Bringing our solutions to your facility

Hydromer® helps companies leverage their resources so that they may bring products to market in ways that are smarter and faster. Our knowledge of medical and industrial coating technologies places us in a unique position to develop formulas and processes to fill niche requirements during the product development lifecycle. Once perfected, our procedures and technologies can be moved to a client’s facility through the methodical process known as “technology transfer”.

Our staff of highly qualified Ph.D. chemists, engineers, machinists and skilled personnel are ready to implement technology transfer to bring manufacturing and testing processes to your site. We ensure that the technology and coatings we develop are accessible to a wide range of users in your organization by:

  • Developing prototypes.
  • Offering custom manufacturing and coating machine design, building, and modification.
  • Making (on-demand) technical support available.
  • Installing and training on custom new equipment on site.
  • Establishing production start-up protocol.

Hydromer’s technology transfer methods can help companies take products from proof-of-concept to market in ways cheaper, faster, and easier rather than having to develop processes from scratch. Consider us your personal research and development arm and a key player in your organization’s goal to improve lives and drive growth.

How can Hydromer help your company through technology transfer services? Let’s discuss what Hydromer can do for you.

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