How are Hydromer’s coatings applied?

Our Medical Device Coatings are Dip and Spin applied with both UV and thermal curing capabilities; Industrial Coatings are applied with Dip and Spin techniques and able to be UV and thermal cured.

How are Hydromer’s coatings shipped?

We ship our products based on customer requirements.

What kind of testing is done once sample coatings are complete?

We test our coatings based on industry standards.

What happens after we send Hydromer samples of our product?

Once we receive your samples, we then schedule your product for coating. You will be notified during each step of the process.

Does Hydromer have distributors outside the United States?

We have distributors all over the world. We would be happy to put you in contact with them.

Can Hydromer coating formulas be modified for specific needs?

Yes, we offer R&D and Tech services to ensure our coatings are tailored to your device/substrate requirements.

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