Contract Coating

Technology that works for you

Hydromer® offers contract coating services using our own proprietary formulas. As a leader in medical device coatings and industrial coating technologies, our facilities can work with your team to coat prototypes as well as finished, market-ready devices.

At Hydromer we:

  • Coat your medical device or industrial product
  • Apply coating on both OD and ID of your device.
  • Excel at coating your substrates with unique geometries.
  • Perform precise target coating on your internal, external, and lumens surfaces.
  • Implement a variety of application methods such as dip, spin, or flow coating.
  • Provide standard or custom formulas that easily fit into your existing coating processes.
  • Incorporate your molecular entity or pharmaceutical components into our existing formulas.
  • Have formulations built to maximize thermal cure and UV cure application methods.
  • Support all your SOP and QA procedures.
  • Employ validation protocol that follows GMP guidelines.
  • Deliver devices based on your specifications.
  • Develop solutions appropriate for diverse industries.
  • Develop solutions appropriate for a diverse group of industries.
  • Provide you with responsive, continuous technical support

If your company is in need of precise equipment to effectively coat your device, Hydromer’s dedicated research and development team is experienced in building turn-key, custom-designed equipment. Any equipment we build can be housed in our FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified production facility or installed at your location. Once installed on location, our technology transfer capabilities can help fill your production personnel with expertise.

Hydromer’s goal is to help clients bring their products to market faster. Our experience with coating technology, combined with our knowledge of regulatory agencies throughout the world, helps clients launch their products faster and more efficiently.

How can Hydromer’s contract coating services benefit your next project?

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