FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified

FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified

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A leading global surface modification and coatings solutions provider

Hydromer® is a leading global surface modification and coatings solutions provider. As a trusted partner to companies worldwide, our solutions add value to our clients’ products so that they can stand out in the marketplace. We are an innovation-driven, customer-centered organization with a focus on meeting our clients’ needs. 

Delivering superior, customized polymer-based solutions

Hydromer collaborates extensively with clients to deliver superior, customized polymer-based solutions. We create or modify coating formulations that adhere to a multitude of substrates and match the unique requirements and geometries of any device. 

We are a leader in developing coating formulas and processes that meet a market-driven need for greener, more sustainable solutions.  

We offer custom industrial and medical device coatings, contract coating services, customized coating equipment, contract manufacturing, and turnkey operations backed by outstanding teams of research and development, customer service, and tech support.

Delivering superior

We won't settle for anything less than excellence.

Hydromer’s technologies enhance the value of our clients’ products by delivering lubricity, thromboresistance, anti-fogging, antimicrobial, and other properties. 

Our coatings aid in the manufacture of medical devices, aerospace components, cosmetics, and products in a variety of industries. We are an FDA, GMP/ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 production facility. 

Hydromer collaborates with companies of all sizes, from some of the largest organizations in the healthcare space, to sole proprietorships. 

Let us show you how we can fulfill a need on your next project; get in touch with us today.

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