Our Mission

Hydromer Mission

Hydromer’s mission is to empower our customers’ products to be ahead of their time and ahead of their competition through deep collaboration, the expertise of our employees, and focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually expand on Hydromer’s more than 40-year legacy of successful polymer and surface modification innovation.

New generations of medical micro-catheters are now much smaller in diameter, comprised of new and more exotic materials and designed to reach significantly deeper into the body to deliver powerful and less invasive treatments. Hydromer propels these goals.

With industrial products becoming smaller, smarter and embedded with critical sensors and driven by the Internet of Things, they require protective condensation and frost controls to ensure critically clear optics and uninterrupted performance for both people and machines. Hydromer® propels these goals.

Antibacterial cleaners, sanitizers and preservatives in the personal care, household and cosmetics markets are searching for safer, more sustainable and green alternatives to provide consumers with eco-friendly and botanical based alternatives. Hydromer propels these goals.

Our Employees

Our employees are the heart of our company. The formula to our success is our passionate, hardworking, and innovative employees. Without them, Hydromer wouldn’t be the company that it is today.

As a global leader in coatings, polymers and industrial surface modification products for over four decades, we understand that the secret to empowering our customers with performance enhancing products is with high performance people.

Our Principles

We believe that it is proper and and morally correct to follow our code of ethics and a set of policies, ensuring that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Code of Ethics

Set of Policies

The Audit Committee Charter

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