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The very birth of Hydromer was the result of seeking a safer alternative to a common problem. We have a history of taking measurable steps in advance of regulatory action and marketing demands to remove hazardous and non-environmentally friendly ingredients. Our demonstrated track record of researching safer, more environmentally friendly ingredients, and greener formulas helps our clients move ahead with their sustainable projects with greater confidence.

Hydromer CEO Peter Von Dyck

Sustainable chemistry, also referred to as Green chemistry, is a philosophy of research and engineering focused on the design of products and processes that minimize the use and creation of hazardous substances.

Hydromer® Green Chemistry's 3 P's of Sustainability

At Hydromer, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial Procurement, to the Process, and the final Product Technology, our green chemistry innovation is paramount in an ever-evolving industry,


Procurement is the source of the greenest products. We strive to utilize more natural, sustainable ingredients for our technologies.


Process is to create the best technology, while keeping our footprint small. Thus keeping your footprint smaller!

Product Technologies

Product Technologies are more sustainable and greener! That means we can provide you with a more natural, sustainable, organic, and environmentally-friendly finished product.

As an early adopter of more sustainable and greener alternatives, Hydromer has always been ahead of the curve. Even before FDA regulations joined the trend, Hydromer was looking for safer more sustainable alternatives.

Hydromer Sustainability Timeline
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