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Hydromer, Inc.

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Hydromer , Inc.  Announces entering into 2 Coating Service Agreements leveraging its Medical Device subsidiary, Biosearch Medical Products, Inc.

Branchburg, October,  2016,---   Hydromer, Inc. (HYDI, otc US) announces that it entered into 2 separate medical coating services agreements for guidewires and catheters during the month of August 2016.  Hydromer’s wholly owned subsidiary, Biosearch Medical Products, Inc., a FDA registered Medical Device and ISO 13485 company, will perform the coating services using patented/proprietary Hydromer lubricious coatings.


One client is located in the USA and is sending their specialized guidewire with sensor to  be Hydromer coated.   The Biosearch Medical Product, Inc. subsidiary has technical expertise in specialty coatings applications and has created customized guidewire coating equipment that yields a uniform microscopic Hydromer coating that measures, on average, 1.5 to 3.0 microns in thickness.


The second client is located in Mexico and will be sending their Vascular Support Catheters to be coated on the exterior surface to help facilitate a smooth insertion and removal from the patient.


“In both cases, we are able to provide our clients with our globally recognized  Hydromer medical hydrophilic coating chemistry and also utilize the tremendously innovative coating applications abilities of our Biosearch Medical Products subsidiary.”, commented Martin von Dyck, Executive Vice President of Hydromer, Inc., adding, “Being able to provide the medical device community with both the chemistry and applications technology allows our clients to better focus on their product development and sales efforts.”


About Hydromer, Inc.: ( Hydromer, Inc. is an ISO 2001:2015 bio-technology-based company involved in the research and development, manufacture, contract coating and commercialization of specialized polymer and hydrogel products for medical device, animal health, cosmetic, personal care, and industrial uses.  These technologies include Hydromer lubricious / anti-biofouling / thrombo-resisant / cell anti-mitosis / cell growth enhancing coatings for the medical marketplace.  



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