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Hydromer launches Sea-Slide ® Marine Performance Enhancement Coating in European Market

Sea-Slide is a Hydrophilic environment-friendly coating that reduces drag, improves performance and helps reducing fuel consumption. Amber Route has been appointed by Hydromer  to promote Sea-Slide on the European market.


Branchburg, June 21, 2012:    The Hydromer Sea-Slide is a drag-reducing, high performance overcoat for marine and fresh watercraft hulls, bottoms and foils. Sea-Slide is a water-based polyurethane product, which is easy to paint-on and remove from your watercraft without harming existing paint or hull surfaces in any way. This hydrophilic coating once applied and submerged in water becomes super slippery, allowing the watercraft’s hull to slide through the water with far less resistance. Sea-Slide Formula generates greater acceleration and speed, AND delivers better fuel economy to the watercraft! Sea-Slide is non-toxic and is safe to the user, the watercraft and the environment.


Hydromer has chosen Amber Route to promote and develop strategic distribution and retail relationships for the unique Sea-Slide coating for watercraft.


“We are delighted with this strategic relationship.  Olivier Criou (Director) and his Amber Route organization have a major presence in the Marine products industry throughout Europe”, commented Martin von Dyck, Executive Vice President of Hydromer, Inc., adding, “We look forward to having Sea-Slide made available in the lucrative regional boating supply market, since once most mariners try it they invariably return to buy more.”




About Hydromer, Inc.:  
Hydromer, Inc. (HYDI.PK)
 is a bio-technology-based company involved in the research and development, manufacture, contract coating and commercialization of specialized polymer and hydrogel products for medical device, animal health, cosmetic, personal care, and industrial uses.  These technologies range from Hydromer lubricious / anti-microbial / anti-thrombogenic / cell anti-mitosis / cell growth enhancing coatings for the medical marketplace.  



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