Why Hydromer® Hydrogels?

in Oct 14, 2020

What are hydrogels and why would you want to choose Hydromer® Hydrogels over the alternative? A White Paper By: The Hydromer Product Specialist Team An Introduction to Hydrogels First, let’s define the term ‘hydrogel’. Scientifically, a hydrogel is a network of crosslinked polymer chains that are hydrophilic and are sometimes found as a colloidal gel[…]

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Hydromer: Not just a company, but a family!

in Oct 07, 2020

In this blog, I will touch on a few of the many reasons Hydromer®  is the best choice for you and your products. We take our tagline to heart, and we ask you to let our legendary technologies empower yours. Our team is fully committed to enabling our clients’ products to be ahead of their[…]

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What is driving the fast growth of micro-lumen, thin-walled catheters and how to get the best performance for these devices?

in Sep 23, 2020

With the increasing demand for radial access procedures, the desire for ever smaller and thinner walled catheters are becoming prominent. In this week’s blog, the Hydromer® coating experts of these micro-devices will share our expertise about micro-lumen, thin-walled catheters or “micro-catheters”  and why they are so important to not only the human health industry but[…]

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Why Hydrophilic Coatings?

in Aug 31, 2020

Why Hydromer® Hydrophilic Coatings? THE PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS OF HYDROPHILIC COATINGS By: The Hydromer Product Specialist Team Introduction to Hydrophilic Coatings Why choose hydrophilic over hydrophobic coatings? After much research, testing and experience with hydrophilic coatings, our subject-matter-expert team at Hydromer® have carefully put together an article to answer the most important questions in medical[…]

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