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Abrasion Resistant Anti-Fog Coating, NMP Free, Non-Flammable, One Part System, Long Lasting.


The Hydromer Anti-Fog Formula #506A is presently being commercialized world wide as applied to Swim Goggles.
   Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

The Hydromer Anti-Fog Formula #2009-68 series is presently being commercialized world wide as applied to Tactical Goggles.
   Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles

Hydromer Condensation Control Coating Formula #2234-63 is used to coat certain aluminum parts that are populated with electronics.
   Hydromer Condensation Control Coating F-22


Hydromer Anti-Fog coating have been very successful for our clients and are used by consumers on a global scale.

Abrasion Resistant Anti-fog Coatings  (ABRATE-X518TM)


Hydromer just raised the standard for abrasion resistivity for a anti-fog coating!  While others use the Sand-Drop and Steel Wool test, we use a Tabor Abrator Machine per ASTM 1044-08.  After 100 cycles with a grinding wheel loaded to 500 grams, we then measure using a Hazometer,

Abrate-X518 is easy to apply and is thermally cured  at 140șC for 30 minutes.

Water Based Formula.

Please contact us for a sample!   We are certain you will be impressed!