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Hydromer is an innovative, biotechnology focused company
engaged in the business of inventing, developing, patenting, licensing,
manufacturing and selling hydrophilic polymer-based products and services.

We serve the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health,
Biotechnology, Industrial Plastics, and Cosmetic and Personal Care Markets and are focused into these technology areas:

hydromer medical coatings Medical Coating & Services
                        medical hydrogels and foams Medical Hydrogels & Foams
                        cosmetics and personal care Cosmetics & Personal Care
                        T-Hexx animal health T-Hexx Animal Health
                        anti-fog industrial coatings Anti-Fog Industrial Coatings
                        sea-slid watercraft coatings Sea-Slide Watercraft Coating

Hydromer and Biosearch

We have been designing and building production and test equipment for use in the medical coating business for over 20 years.
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Hydromer, Inc. was founded in 1980 to capitalize on the newly developed and patented technologies in hydrophilic complexing polymers. These polymers exhibit unique properties by imparting biological compatibilities to medical devices, particularly in the cardiovascular area for devices like stents, including the emerging stent drug delivery, distal protection devices and therapeutic catheters.

Hydromer constantly strives to build upon its current technologies - successfully expanding its technology/product base to include anti-fog and condensation control coatings for optical applications, water-resistant film formers and allergen barriers for cosmetics, and unique hydrogels for wound care and pharmaceutical delivery applications.

The initial great success on licensing these patents gave rise to an entire family of patents, covering much larger fields of application. In addition to medical devices, products are licensed and/or sold for use in color cosmetics ; personal care products such as razor blades to make them glide easier, hair dyes and hair conditioners; as coatings for boats to reduce the friction between the boat and water; as condensation control for greenhouses; as anti-fog for goggles, lenses and diving masks and as barrier lotions that protects the wearer from the effects of poison ivy and poison oak, to name a few. Hydromer is also working to transfer it's technology developed for human applications into animal health via its
T-HEXX business. The company laboratories continue to develop and patent new inventions at an ever increasing rate.

Hydromer is ready to capitalize further on its R&D efforts by developing relationships with often major companies to sell, manufacture and license its products and technology worldwide. In February of 2000, Hydromer acquired Biosearch Medical Products, Inc. Through this wholly owned subsidiary, Hydromer has expanded it's capabilities in contract manufacturing under ISO 9000/FDA Certification, and also offers a range of medical devices on an OEM basis to marketers of medical products.

Hydromer's hydrophilic, biocompatible, functionalized, drug delivery and hydrogel polymer technologies have unlimited applications in medical device, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health, industrial plastics and hygiene, optics, personal care and cosmetic applications, boating and sustained disinfection and protection of surfaces and skin. Hydromer now also offers a range of medical devices on an OEM basis through it's Biosearch Medical Subsidiary.

Some of our clients includes:
  • CR Bard -for intermittent and Foley urinary catheter Coatings
  • Pfizer, Schick Razor Division - glide strips on Silk Effects® and Protector® razors
  • Johnson & Johnson - Approved Vendor
  • Olympus - USA
  • Covidien/Medtronic
  • Phoenix Chemical - under trade name Pecogel™
  • B-D
  • St. Gobain
  • TeleFlex Medical & TFX
  • Estee` Lauder
  • Boston Scientific Corp
  • InTec Industries manufacturer of Eye and Face Shields with Hydromer Anti-fog coating.