Medical Devices That Save Lives – A Tribute To Frontline Workers

in Apr 22, 2021
Often Hydromer® has been associated with hydrophilic coatings and coatings services. However, as a company that had to be a frontline establishment itself, we pivoted our business to provide our amazing front-line personnel with donations of Hydromer® First Responder® sanitizer products, while continuing to supply our existing clients with hydrophilic coatings for their live saving devices. As a result, we know the struggle of hard days, long nights, and even more daunting times. Because of this, we wanted to give a tribute to our healthcare and frontline professionals during these times of adversity. Without them, these moments of uncertainty and worry would have been far more frightening. Today we will honor 3 extremely heroic professions, as these occupations sacrificed a great deal to save lives, care for others, and continue to provide for those in need.
Our first line of workers that did not yield to the virus, are our remarkable Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, EMT’s, Police Officers, PA’s, NA’s, CNA’s, Admins, Supervisors – as well as countless other positions in the healthcare field that never gave up hope or their passion to continue to do what they loved – saving lives. Many of them sacrificed their own lives so that others could live during the pandemic. These brave people never stopped to think about themselves, but only for others in need. Some of them not even having the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to work safely, continued to come in and do their job every day! That is a spectacular feat of strength that not many of us will ever know.

The second just as equally important responsibility are our Teachers, Caretakers, Babysitters, Daycare Workers, and others. By providing care, it allowed Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Grandparents, and other Frontline Workers, to continue to go to work. Many of us, during the pandemic, did not have the choice to stay home when the government issued the stay-at-home-order. For those people, a small thing like a school or a daycare being closed, meant they could not work, and thus could not take care of their family financially. By these professionals continuing to work during this time of need, they saved thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives from potential starvation, foreclosure, unemployment, divorce, mental illnesses, and SO much more, including some of our own Hydromer employees.

Lastly, but not any less important than Healthcare, Education, or Care workers, are our food industry workforces. Without the help of professionals like Grocery Staff, Delivery People, Servers, Volunteer Food Bank Workers, Bartenders, Restaurant Owners, and others in this industry, many of us would have suffered from hunger, starvation, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc. You do not know how often you need the food industry and its employees until you cannot go to the grocery store, go through a fast-food drive through, get gas for your vehicle, order delivery pizza, etc. Unfortunately, many in this industry suffered as well, because of being closed for months, or more severely – permanently closed


A true hero does not typically wear a cape. A true hero will almost always come in the form of a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, a stranger, a loved one, or even your own self! We are so very proud of everyone that did not give up hope during the shutdown due to COVID-19, and for those sacrifices made and ARE still being made. Without those valiant people that came into work every day without thinking twice, to serve, to help, and to give to those in need, the world would have been much gloomier during this outbreak.

Although this was not a blog about a life-saving device, it was about life-saving hero’s that never wavered and never thought once about their own lives – but all the lives that were counting on them. It is so very courageous of this community of individuals to come together and care for complete strangers during these difficult times. We would also like to recognize those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be alive today. We cannot say thank you enough!

~ The Hydromer Team​​​