Medical Devices That Save Lives – A Tribute To Frontline Workers

in Apr 22, 2021

Often Hydromer® has been associated with hydrophilic coatings and coatings services. However, as a company that had to be a frontline establishment itself, we pivoted our business to provide our amazing front-line personnel with donations of Hydromer® First Responder® sanitizer products, while continuing to supply our existing clients with hydrophilic coatings for their live saving[…]

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Enhancing Guidewires – Medical Devices That Save Lives

in Apr 07, 2021

Guidewires seem relatively simple considering they are just a long thin wire used to access hard to reach areas inside the body, but their material and lengths make them a very intricate device. They have only been around for about 70 years. The guidewire was invented by Sven Ivar Seldinger in 1953. He first used this procedure to[…]

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