Leading Restaurant Owned By A Doctor Uses EscenciaProtect® Cleanser For Cost Savings & Efficacy Case Study

in Jan 08, 2021


With costs of gloves and wipes skyrocketing, a timely study on “Use of a new, patented, plant-based hand cleanser and surface sanitizer spray cuts cost and improves efficiency while providing increased protection in a high-volume upscale


Covid-19 has had a significant negative effect on the restaurant industry. In addition to reductions in volumes and revenue, the need for increased safety measures and sanitation has increased costs for PPE such as gloves and wipes. This study shows the effect of a new plant-based hand and surface cleanser on costs and efficiency in front of the house operations, compared to a control period. There was the added advantage of significantly increased safety.

About 73 & Main

73 & Main offers extraordinary food and service in a unique historic location. Whether visiting for a special occasion in the Mercantile Dining Room or a casual evening with friends in the Hosiery Mill Pub, you will experience Mt. Pleasant hospitality at its best. visit www.73andmain.com to learn more about the restaurant.

The Restaurant

73 & Main is a large, upscale, American, restaurant located in Mt Pleasant, NC. The restaurant features a dining room, pub, patio, bourbon bar, and private dining room, as well as a special events space. Even during Covid-19, the average guest count is over 200 per night. To protect customers during the pandemic, all staff wear masks, servers use gloves and frequent handwashing, to assure no cross contaminations between tables and use pre-packaged “table turner”- alcohol-based sanitizer wipes on all surfaces after every guest. The costs of gloves and table turners represent a significant expense for the restaurant compared to pre-Covid-19 operations. It is estimated that those costs exceed $2000 per month and has increased 300 % since the pandemic.

The Product

Hydromer’s EscenciaProtect® Hydrating Hand Cleansing Lotion is a patented, non-alcohol plant-based product that is proven to kill COVID19, NOROVIRUS, MRSA, E. coli and many other microorganisms that cause disease. It contains no harsh chemicals and is dermatologically safe, making it gentle enough to use throughout the day to sanitize hands naturally and quickly. EscenciaProtect® Hydrating Hand Cleansing Lotion is designed as a longer lasting hydrating hand and cleansing Lotion, leaving user hands feeling soft and effectively protected for up to an hour compared to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, that generally lasts only a few minutes.


Hydromer’s EscenciaProtect® PLUS Sanitizer Spray is a novel technology that combines the known benefits of alcohol with Hydromer’s proprietary plant-based antimicrobial to deliver quicker kill and longer protection against COVID19, NOROVIRUS, MRSA, E. coli and many other organisms that cause disease. This product can be used for sanitizing hands, and any other surfaces that need to be disinfected.

The study

A study period is compared to a control period. During the study period, front of the house employees used Hydromer’s hydrating hand cleansing lotion application, instead of glove use. After clearing tables, Hydromer’s surface sanitizer spray was used on all surfaces and it was wiped with a clean dry cloth, rather than use of table turners. The staff was interviewed weekly during the study period for their subjective comments and the cost and usage data was compared to a pre-study period.

About Hydromer

Hydromer® has also launched a search for partnership for other products, such as soap, concentrate, etc. in the EscenciaProtect® line, that are not included in this specific study. For more information go to www.hydromer.com or [email protected]

Control period

9/1-9/30 2020       Total of 21 operating days

Gloves used                                   6300


Cost                                                $1,323
Customers                                   4179
Avg number per customer       1.51

Avg cost per customer       $0.32

(10) pairs per person per shift – avg. (5) shifts per week
• avg. (15) front of house employees per shift (300 gloves/shift)
• avg. (5) shifts per week (1500 gloves/week)


Table turners used                          9600 = 8 cases

Cost                                                    $571.36
Avg number per customer             2.3

Avg cost per customer            $0.14

Study period

Study period of Hydrating Hand Cleansing Lotion and spray  11/13-12/6 2020

Hydrating Hand Cleansing Lotion used           13 bottles * 2oz each = 26oz

Customers                                                               2201

Avg use per customer                                           0.012oz

Avg cost per customer                                 $0.02


Number of bottles of Surface Sanitizing Spray           12 bottles – 8oz each = 96oz

Avg amount used per customer                                      0.044oz

Avg cost of per customer                                                 $0.04

The conclusion

The use of the new plant-based hand cleanser and surface sanitizer significantly improved costs and efficiency compared to use of prior products. The per-customer-costs went from $0.46 per customer to $.06 per customer. The hydrating hand cleansing lotion product was particularly popular with staff because it did not dry out their hands, “went a long way”, was easy to use, and had improved protection and saved them time. The spray initially was harder to wipe, but once the formulation was changed to a blend of alcohol-based and plant-based combination product, the staff reported that application was quick and easy. The study concluded there were significant cost advantages to use of the non-alcohol-based hand and surface cleanser for restaurants and could provide some additional advantages to use in the kitchen as well as the superior protection provided.