The Question of Plant-Based Sanitizers, and Hydromer’s Response with a New and Incredible Product Line!

in Nov 20, 2020

Our marketing team took a poll on our social media asking if people would use a plant-based hand sanitizer, given that it was as effective as an alcohol-based one. The results were exciting, as over 75% of the voters said “yes”!! With alcohol-based sanitizers being named somewhat of a holy grail when it comes to staying safe during COVID-19, you may be a little apprehensive of the protection power of a plant-based sanitizer. Let us assure you, plant-based hand sanitizers are a game changer.

Alcohol-based sanitizers, like our HydroProtect® and First Responder®, are effective, fast drying, easily spreadable, and hospital-strong. However, as we try to bring our lives as close to normal as we can with COVID-19, the constant application of a strong alcohol-based sanitizer can be extremely drying to your hands. Think of young children in schools, or elderly people in a retirement home. Being around others so often with such sensitive skin, a hydrating and soft plant-based sanitizer such as our EscenciaProtect® would make a world of difference. Our plant-based sanitizer was just recently tested in a COVID-19 lab as well, and did prove to be effective against the virus, making it just as effective as alcohol-based sanitizers for this pandemic.

Our EscenciaProtect® plant-based sanitizer is able to protect your hands for more than an hour without reapplication as it forms a moisturizing barrier on your hands, whereas alcohol-based sanitizers only kill the germs on your hands in that moment and do not offer further protection. That works well with the lifestyle of healthcare workers, as they are constantly washing their hands and reapplying sanitizers after and before each patient anyways, but for the general public, a plant-based sanitizer would be much more pleasurable. Overuse of alcohol can result in long term skin damage, which is why Hydromer® formulated and released their EscenciaProtect® line.

This line of plant-based products includes hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray, foaming hand soap, and a concentrate that can be added to your own products to incorporate anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral (including COVID-19) properties. These products are also safe and effective to use on fruits, vegetables, cooking surfaces, reusable masks, and more. Alcohol can cause damage to surfaces over time and can be dangerous to ingest or overuse on skin. With our EscenciaProtect® products you can rest assured that they are safe and effective.

Hydromer® has recently released its EscenciaProtect® product line for bulk buy, licensing, and distribution. Contact us @ 800-257-5208 or go to to fill out our contact form, or use our live chat M-F 9am-5pm.