Hydromer: Not just a company, but a family!

in Oct 07, 2020

In this blog, I will touch on a few of the many reasons Hydromer®  is the best choice for you and your products. We take our tagline to heart, and we ask you to let our legendary technologies empower yours. Our team is fully committed to enabling our clients’ products to be ahead of their time and competition through deep collaboration, employee expertise, and focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions.

As I am sure you know, the medical field is always changing and advancing. What once was made of rubber and steel is now made of silicone and nickel titanium, making medical devices lighter, safer, and more efficient. I got to see this first-hand about a year ago, when I unfortunately fell at the gym. With a pneumothorax, or a ‘collapsed lung’, I stared in horror as the doctors presented me with several chest tubes that were way too big for comfort! However, I got to take a sigh of relief as they decided on a newer, smaller, and less invasive tube. Hydromer® has the honor of being able to say we were there and a part of changes and advancements like these. Many years ago, Hydromer’s own founder, Manfred Dyck, played a crucial role in the development of thinner and less harmful feeding tubes and formulated one of the first hydrophilic coatings for medical devices. Hydromer® is continually changing and growing with the medical field as it does, so we can always offer our customers the newest and most effective products and services possible.

About us: Hydromer® is a leading global surface modification and coatings solutions provider. We offer hydrophilic medical device coatings, along with industrial anti-fog and condensation coatings, hydrogels, sanitation solutions, coatings services, custom built machines, and more! But what makes us different from our competitors? We offer along with our advanced coating and polymer solutions, a first-class customer service experience and top-quality contract service solutions.

As much as it is ever-changing, the medical field is also ever-growing. There are many medical device coatings companies, as a family run company,  I’d like to tell you why we think we stand out over our competitors and why you should be a part of our Hydromer® family.  We are a family run company and have been for the entirety of our 40 years in business. Therefore, as our customer you are our number one priority and a part of our family. We offer many different products AND services to suit your needs. We do not just copy and paste our coatings and process; we make them perfect just for you. Hydromer puts you first during the entire process, from developing or choosing the right coating for your substrate, building a proprietary machine that coats only your device, to in-house coating and packaging and shipping your product or device where you need it to be, we are able to help you every step of the way. We aim to build a solid relationship with our clients, and make sure you and your life-saving products are taken care of from start to finish.

Hydromer’s main focus is our coatings and the processes and machines surrounding them. Unlike some other coatings suppliers who manufacture not only coatings but also finished medical devices that compete with yours, we work to make sure our client’s devices are getting the best coatings to ensure top performance of their devices. We do not ever compete in the medical field with any of our clients, and only want to assist them in assuring their products are performing as well as possible. Hydromer also offers coating services and can coat your devices in our ISO certified/FDA registered facilities here in North Carolina. However, if you want the ability to coat your products in your own facilities, no problem, because Hydromer has skilled engineers that can custom manufacture coating machines. Other companies in our field also can build custom machines, but they do not allow their customers to take those machines into their own facilities like Hydromer does. Along with these custom machines, we offer technology transfer services, where our staff of highly qualified Ph.D. chemists, engineers, machinists, and skilled personnel are ready to implement technology transfer to bring manufacturing and testing processes to your site, saving you money on shipping devices, logistics time and more. Several of our competitors offer off-the-shelf coatings, without testing or quality assurance, so the customer must already know which coatings will work best for their device. Hydromer offers off-the-shelf and custom coatings as well, but we also have a very knowledgeable team available to assist our clients and make sure we are able to pair the perfect coating to your product. We have a skilled R&D team too, who can custom formulate coatings for you, and coat samples of your products so you can make sure they are reaching peak performance.

Overall, Hydromer® is one of the few companies out there to offer such a wide variety of products and services. We are there for our customers to not only provide product, but to assist them through the entire process of adding a coating to their medical device or product. We have 40+ years of experience in the field and are committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible. As I stated earlier, our company puts family first, which includes our customers. After our founder, Manfred’s, contributions decades ago, Hydromer® continues to be led by both Peter (CEO) and Martin (COO) von Dyck, who are not only the sons of Manfred but each are accomplished medical inventors and executive leaders of their own. With that being said, this “family” of leaders and pioneers stands ready to serve yours. Our team is always here for you to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us!